We provide the following with every survey.


Support kit

We have support packages ready to go for when and where you need it. Pre-survey communications FAQ’s. Templates for communicating results. Best practice action templates to really make a difference. Need help? We’ve already thought of it and have it covered. We’ve got your back.


Employee list upload

We making sure the survey is available to everyone. Simply send us your employee list and we’ll do the rest. And we’ll make sure people access the survey in the way that best works for them.

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Select from a range of demographics for real insight about different types of employee and areas of the business. We have employee categories ready to help you understand the results from the perspective of different groups.


Ready-to-go survey

An out-of-the-box survey designed specifically to drive business in an SME environment. We know the right things to ask to best improve performance. It only takes 10 minutes to complete (and quicker if you’ve had your morning coffee).



Behind the scenes analytics to show the best route to action for you. We handle all of this, so sit back and in the blink of an eye we’ll crunch your numbers through our analytics engine, add sparkle and present you with meaningful, practical advice.


Results discussion

You’ll get a results discussion with a survey results expert. We love a bit of feedback and will walk you through your results in a practical, friendly way. There are no stuffy consultants or data geeks here, just experienced people who thrive on helping organisations get better. Put the kettle on.


Improvement process

Running a survey is all about making a difference. Follow our action process to do the right things to improve your business. Our processes are easy to use and implement. They will set you on the track to a continuous improvement process. This is not a survey where nothing happens afterwards.


Expert support

Access to friendly, knowledgeable experts who’ll be on hand through the survey logistics. Access our feedback experts who’ll make sense of your results and facilitate the action process.