Here you'll find everything you need for the employee survey and business improvement process (click here for a roadmap).

Watch this video and download this overview of the process to get started. Then, just click on the hyperlinks to access the resources you need.

D     DETAILED SUPPORT KIT      DETAILED SUPPORT KIT     Everything you need to set your survey up for success.

What you need to do

 ➠  Brief your team about the survey using this email and this simple survey 'explainer'
 ➠  Choose your survey dates and grouping variables (BUSINESS customers only) using this easy online form
 ➠  Enter the names and email addresses of the people to be invited to the survey using this simple template and then email it to us

R     READY-TO-GO SURVEY      READY-TO-GO SURVEY      Ready to send to your employees as soon as you want

What you need to do

 ➠  Check that the survey invitations don't get spam-filtered
 ➠  Read the response rate updates we email you
 ➠  Respond to any queries using the information in the simple survey 'explainer'

I     INSIGHTFUL REPORT      INSIGHTFUL REPORT      Gets to the point so you know exactly what your employees are saying

What you need to do

 ➠  Watch the report video walk-through of the awesome report
 ➠  Download and read your results report (we'll email you a link once your report is ready)

Note that no individual responses are provided. This is necessary to ensure confidentiality and the anonymity required for your employees to trust the survey process.

V     VIDEO RESULTS DISCUSSSION      VIDEO RESULTS DISCUSSION      Talk with an experienced survey expert to understand the 'so what' of your results

What you need to do

 ➠  Schedule a time for the 45-minute video results discussion with an experienced survey expert
 ➠  Download and test the video conference software
 ➠  Join the video results discussion by clicking the link in the confirmation email we send you

E     EVOLUTION PROCESS      EVOLUTION PROCESS      A proven way to fix your blindspots; everything you need to improve

What you need to do

 ➠  Watch the improvement process video walk-through
 ➠  Review THE FOUNDRY, our library of proven post-survey improvement actions
 ➠  Use BLUEPRINTS, our simple template to think through and capture your improvements
 ➠  Make improvements using CHECKPOINTS, our proven improvement and accountability process