What do employee surveys mean to you?


A headache

Extra admin, reams of data, no action, a can of worms



An opportunity

To get closer to your people, find out what is working, where the improvements are, how to move the business forward

A proven solution to a common problem

If you can't talk to everyone in your business every week, you can't be across everything in your business. And if you value your employees enough to want to move your business forward with them, running an employee survey process is a good thing to do.

It's just a shame that most employee survey processes don't work. They don't deliver clear results and they don't provide guidance about how to use the feedback to improve things.

oursurvey.works is an employee survey process that works.

Designed specifically for small and medium businesses, it shows what is working, where your blindspots are, and what you can do to improve. And it provides an easy-to-run improvement process that delivers business improvements.

You have enough challenges - managing people, product, sales, operations, cashflow, growth, profit. You have enough to do without running an employee survey that raises more questions than it answers. 

Let us take the pain out of the employee survey and deliver results that you can use. Choose oursurvey.works - an employee survey process where feedback means business.


how oursurvey.works delivers


it will Banish your blindspots

You can't be across everything in your business . Find out what you're missing with clear, structured insight from your people. Then move your business forward with our proven improvement process.


it is good for business and your people

Feedback helps solve customer and operational issues, and it helps people connect. Employees feel valued when you ask for their opinion and will stick around longer and do a better job when you do.


it is Easy
to run

We've made it so you have only three things to do: (i). Choose when to run the survey, (ii). Provide a list of email addresses, (iii). Book a time for your video feedback session and report. It's really that simple.