robert browton

Plays the blues, looks ok in a Kaftan

Rob’s career mission is to create greater respect, trust and kindness within organisations by helping people understand themselves and each other. For over 20 years, he has worked with employee and leader attitudes and opinions. Using a range of feedback and workshop techniques, he models quality feedback and group discussion processes. And by using simple and explicit frameworks, he helps leaders develop a shared understanding of culture and adopt practical ways of improving it.

When not dragging her around music festivals in the UK wearing a Kaftan, Rob likes to play his guitar and sing the blues to his daughter. This is particularly unfortunate for her given her mum is a professional soprano! He has a very cheeky Cockerpoo called Tobi who can do amazing tricks but usually chooses not to. Whenever possible, he likes to go snowboarding and despite now being over 40, still thinks a sponsorship deal isn't out of the question.


sam dawson

Mindful ninja, electronic music aficionado

Sam has 20 years experience in employee engagement, feedback and people measurement for some of the largest organisations in the world and is seen as one of the leading figures in the industry. He has lived and worked in the UK and Australia and most recently led the Employee Engagement practice of a global consulting organisation. He thinks that traditional models of employee engagement could become quickly obsolete if we don’t move forward and think holistically about what motivates people at work.

Sam likes to remind people he has belts in a least three different martial arts (but has forgotten practically all of his best moves). When he’s not being a Dad, husband and owner of a small fluffy white dog, he makes time for exercise, meditation, electronic music, and good food. But not necessarily in that order. Here’s a picture of him enjoying good food after enjoying some electronic music the night before in Ibiza